Why Detox + Reset?


When you hear the words “detox” or “reset” alone- those words can be triggering for a lot of people, including myself. The word “detox” reminds me of when I was first diagnosed with Lyme disease and had to cut out grains, sugars, alcohol, gluten, dairy, nuts, seeds, boyfriends, social life, fun...and worst of all, good hair days. Ultimately, I had to find a balance that worked for me. While I would never wish Lyme disease on my worst enemy, I will say that being forced to detox and reset led me to a healthier life in the long run.

When I look back, it's funny that before Lyme, I always counted calories. I had to run every morning. Little did I know that as soon as you get a diagnosis everything changes- your priorities do a complete 180. I had to increase my salt intake, who knew! I was told to stop running. I was encouraged to change my diet and eat a vast variety of different things. How was I supposed to accomplish all these new guidelines that went against what I considered healthy eating?!


I started slow...with things like smoothies and bone broth. I frequented the farmers market looking for organic products. I tested and failed at recipes that I
thought would satiate my palate. And then, finally, I found that balance. I found that I didn't have to deprive myself of much. I didn't have to count calories
anymore. I had to find whole foods that re-energized my body and did not weigh me down mentally. I, quite literally, reset my entire system, physically and
mentally, for the better.

Trust me, there are days I have a handful of chips (or a bag, let's be real) and a cookie with refined sugar- but that’s life. Using the tools in this box always brought me back to feeling my very best. Let's bring it back to the basics but make it exciting and tasty so that at the end of the day...we just feel good. That’s what life is about.

Long story short, my friends- if you need a detox + reset, try it out. It may not make you feel the exact same way I feel because, quite literally, every body is
different, but it won't make you feel like you just binged watched all of TV with a gallon of ice cream on your lap. (Anyone else been there? Or just me?)

With Love,






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